This video was first made available by solving the Knife puzzle

It would later be published publicly on the 30th of October 2014 with the text

I guess it's time that I share this with all of you...


Dad got me this 12th birthday. Probably a little young to be inheriting an over 2,000 year-old dagger, but skipping your childhood has its perks.

When I was 11, I was kidnapped. Which isn't exactly shocking if you think about it cuz the billionaire's only daughter is a pretty obvious target but my dad blamed himself of course...and it turned an already insanely protective man into...something else entirely.

They told me that it lasted just over 36 hours, but I still only remember fragments. Sounds, mostly... and the... smell of the blindfolds...was like that sickly sweet floral laundry detergent smell's why I only use the unscented stuff now.

I remember the guy's voice. There were others, but he was the only one who spoke. He had a deep, deep voice and an accent that I... couldn't ever really place.

He'd be talking on the phone to my father or one of his lawyers, I could never really be sure, demanding money... threatening my life... Threatening to, uh... ...send pieces of me... back to my father if his demands weren't met... and I just remember trying to imagine that I was skiing, because when I was little my Dad and I would only take those trips. He would, like, rent out an entire mountain for a week or whatever...but I also remember pretending to be asleep. Trying to disappear... and then I remember the blades of a helicopter...gunfire outside someone grabbed me really hard and, like, held me like a shield with his arm around my throat just yelling about how he was going to kill me. Then... more gunfire... a wet sound... the guy's arm goes limp... the smell of smoke... and someone threw me over their shoulder, and it was over.

After that, everything changed. My dad would not let me out of his sight. I was pulled from school, tutored at home with lesson plans that were specified by him. And I just spent all day reading. A VIP prisoner in the bulletproof penthouse.

I - I don't mean to sound like I'm bittor or anything, because I'm not at all. My dad loves me, and he did the best that he could... and he taught me the Truth.

After it was over, um, I had a lotta trouble sleeping - shocking, I know. And we tried everything: shrinks, pills...I did hypnotherapy. But then, for my birthday, Dad gave me this.

The legend of this blade is a legend of protection. "Protection... "from that which endeavors "to corrupt what is pure." It's been under my pillow ever since...