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Posted on 24th of September 2014


I’m Stella. Last name redacted for, well, reasons. Let’s just say my Dad is a bit of a control freak. Genghis Khan would tell him to loosen up.

Which is sort of ironic since I live in Vegas, the national capital of fake. A whole city devoted to allowing Children to distract themselves from reality.I’m finishing up a doctorate in the study of Ancient Societies. It’s a field I got into because I like knowing the truth of things. Of our past. Of where we come from.

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I’m sorry if this site seems weird. Normally, I would keep my thoughts and opinions to myself.  But this past year has been difficult and eventful. And to be honest, I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut – even if I seem like a wacko.

Because I’ve learned some things. New things – to me at least, and to you I’ll bet – and also some things I’ve actually known for a long time but never wanted to admit.  

And I don’t want to keep it to myself anymore. It’s too important.

So stay tuned.

And let me know your thoughts: EMAIL ME.


Mailing Stella to the mail mentioned here will get you an autoreply that says the following

Thanks for the email. Nice to know that there are at least a few people out there who don’t think I’m a ranting lunatic. 

The question is – do you want to hear more, and in the process maybe get to know me a little better? If that's the case, I’ve included a little challenge here. If you can unravel it, then your curiosity will be rewarded. 

Oh the way, I’ve just made myself my own shortlink, you know, like or

Mine’s Pretty easy to remember, which is good because I'll be using it a lot.

Now if I only had something to link it to…


Hint 1

Those icons are some of 12 ancient societies symbols.

Hint 2

There is a reason why they are in a certain order. Remember we are looking for a word to add to the stl.ta shortener


Take the first letter of each tribe to form the word hammock. Using this with the shortener you get the link


The Magic Show video was the original reward.

Now the solution directs you to the Welcome page