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Posted 28 October 2014


Before, I mentioned that the accepted history of the Donghu starts with them being conquered by their neighbors the Xiongnu. But that was not the end of them. The Donghu spent centuries rebelling against their conquerors. They never gave up and they never backed down.

The hallmark of the Donghu, and the Truth we can learn from them, is of the power of perseverance. Faced with overwhelming odds, the Donghu never quit. They adapted, they evolved. And most importantly – they stayed together. The Donghu derived their power from their close quarters fighting units, which required total devotion to the unit, even at the expense of one’s individual life. This devotion to duty and unwillingness to surrender kept the Donghu fighting for centuries, even when their names changed and they melted into other societies.

But what caused them to fall to the Xiongnu in the first place? Because the lessons of the Donghu fall is that close cooperation and integration, while a source of strength, can also be a weakness. For if the person at the top of the federation is corrupted, they can easily spread their contagion through the entire Federation. This is what the Xiongnu accomplished, buying off the leaders of the Donghu, appealing to their selfishness and greed, enticing them to turn their backs on the very cooperation that gave the Donghu their power.

But even when the Donghu Federation shattered, splinters of it held together, reformed and reconstituted under different names and the same ideals.

Even to this day.

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