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Posted 3rd November 2014


This is not a haiku:

The Aksumites had 60

The Mu wanted 48.

While the Olmec and the Cahokians ended up with 168.

What did [the other 8 Lines]² have in the end?

Hint 1

Notice the numbers are divisible by 12

Hint 2

The other 8 might not be interpreted as it is


Following the logic of haiku and the other 8 one can count the total of syllabes that make the remaining lines names


This results in a total of 21 syllabes . This to the power of 2 gives 441. Adding the remaining syllabes gives 447. Multiplying to 12 like in the other lines gives 5364 leads to a page called Shoots Fired that contains a audio file called Scanner



F: We have a report of a possible 4434, shots fired, King Jimmy's downtown.

M: 2343, copy that, heading there now.

F: Possible location is outside, parking lot.

M: 2343 running into some kind of back up. Stalled vehicle. Any other cars en route?

F: No, bunch of calls just now. Scrambling in at multiple locations

M: Copy that. Trying to back out. Garbage truck.

F: Copy 2343 

M: 2343, clear of traffic. Back en route

F: 2343, copy that.

M: 2343, approaching location, parking lot looks clear

F: 2343, copy. Reporting party inside

M: Copy that, headed inside

M: Patron was sitting inside. Thought she heard gunshots. Taken statement

F: 2343 copy reported burglary. 3900 block of south tenth street

M: Copy that, on my way.

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