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Posted on 17 December 2014


This challenge courtesy of Tyler H:

These numbers seem off base...





Hint 1

Check the numbers present here and remember the mention to bases

Hint 2

If you got some letters out of the numbers above you will notice you got something similar to full words but with 2 letters missing. Maybe that is what you should focus now


Converting from Decimal (base 10) to Hex (base 16) we get

3057515214 = B63DFACE 

3203718446 = BEF4DD2E

3737643614 = DEC7EA5E

4025600712 = EFF1CAC8

Each line is actually a full word with 2 letters missing

B63DFACE = BolDFACE  - ol 

BEF4DD2E = BEFuDDlE  - ul

DEC7EA5E = DECrEAsE  - rs

EFF1CAC8 = EFFiCACy - iy

olulrsiy is an anagram for illusory. It is also possible to obtain the owrd by ordering the letters using the numbers they replaced. So o is 6th , l is the 3rd , etc.  leads to Harassment


UT Austin

Campus Security and Safety

Quad, North 5/14/1992 16:22  342-22

Sanning, Angela

Multiple complaints of harassment and disturbing the peace. Student was reported to have been shouting at passersby in an increasingly agitated state. Student refused to vacate the are on repeated requests. Finally, student had to be forcibly subdued and escorted to Student Behavioral Services for observation

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