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General Info


Location - New York

Occupation - Student at Aster Academy

Sex - Female

Date of Birth -7th of July of 199?

Bloodline - La Tene  ( 3rd Line )

A.K.A - Kopper

Hobbies - Hiking , Camping , watching embarrassing tv shows ( Amazing Race / Survivor )

Online - Twitter / Google+ / Website

Extra details

There is no record of an Aster Academy in NYC.

There is an Aster Academy in Kathmandu

It could be a typo / variation for  the Masters School


Profile image

Both G+ and Twitter seem to have the same image.


Twitter                                                                                                                                                                                  Google +

It seems to be the flag of Pan-Celticism , namely the one proposed by Robert Berthelier in the 1950s

G+ Banner

© Brian Matiash untitled-01 copy 2

It is an image from photographer Brian Matiash of Buntzen Lake (It is also one of the default cover images of G+)


Below is the timeline not by time of posting but in the supose time the event happened

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