Aksum Two Sides of the Truth

Aksum Two Sides of the Truth

A beautiful society... felled by Corruption. Sound familiar? As we shall see, the 12 Ancient Lines all have this basic story in common. Rise and Fall. Two sides of the Truth. Equally important.


Imagine waking up one morning, and you step outside onto a beautiful stone balcony. Your view is a breathtaking expansive city that is seated right alongside the Red Sea.

It's the 2nd century AD, and you are looking at Adulis, the great port metropolis seated at the heart of the Aksum Empire. Powerhouse trading ships are there, spanning out to the horizon, connecting the major cities of Egypt, Arabia, India, and Greece displaying one of the most influential cultures in the region. Fair-minded and relatively peaceful masters of commerce with huge reserves gold, the Aksumites were also very well respected and well-liked and this was no accident. Their strong economic ties with surrounding nations was due in large part to their diplomatic skills and open hearts.

From the Aksumites, we can learn that prosperity and peace, wealth and kindness are not incompatible ideals. Balance is possible. But...sadly, in a corrupt world, it never lasts. Because in 350 AD, the Romans began to exploit the relative innocence of the Aksum ruling class, fomenting greed, and battering the balance of power that had lasted for centuries. Spiritual self-possession gave way to poisonous monotheism that was whispered into the ears of their leaders and enforced with an iron fist. And pretty soon, dictatorship took hold, then decline began. And within a few centuries... all was lost.

What happened to the Aksum Empire is indicative of what happened in some fashion to each of the twelve lines that we study. Each line has dual, equally important lessons to teach us. How they flourished they fell. This duality runs like blood through the heart of the Ancient Truth, and I need you to listen to that heart. as it beats, students. Its pulse may be faint, but I assure you it will grow stronger as we shock it back to life!

More to come...

Thank you so much for your loyalty, and I will talk to you very soon.