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Posted on 24th of September 2014


Conventional history says that the Aksum Empire was a major trading power that thrived on trade with Egypt and Rome; in fact, they minted their own gold coins to facilitate their powerful position. Aksum is also the mythical origin of the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant.


Name: The Aksum (or Axum) Empire

Continent: Africa/Arabia

Time Period: 100–940 CE

Succeeded/Conquered By: Beta Israel

Currently: Coastal Ethiopia

What is less often acknowledged is that the true roots of the Aksumite culture started at least 7,000 years ago, and further that the discoveries of Lucy and other hominid fossils in Ethiopia attest to its status as one of the birthplaces of humanity in the first place.

Unfortunately, the Aksumites began their slow descent into corruption starting with their first contact with the Romans and inevitable subsequent conversion to monotheism in the 4th century. In the centuries that followed, Aksum became despotic and greedy, subjugating their neighbors, until being overrun and assimilated into a toxic brew of lies.

Soon, we will learn the true wisdom of this great Line. And we'll start to uncover the (real) meaning of some of its greatest works. 

The Aksum Obelisk (Tigray Region, Ethiopia)

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Photo Credit: Ondřej Žváček , via Wikimedia Commons