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Posted 5th November 2014


Some people feel there is only one way to format these poems

Though others say there are dozens

We all have hundreds of burning questions about the Truth

We have studied the Twelve Lines

And I used to be the only one searching for the Truth.

But now you know the Truth can be found thousands of years in the past

And for millennia civilizations have come and gone

Some grand civilizations

Others great gross cesspools of lies

And thousands more still

Centers of civilizations who justified their rule though the death of thousands of scapegoats

But painting this picture is worth so little

To the billions of people on our planet

If the Truth is not shouted out on the highest peaks to the Quintillion stars in the sky.

Hint 1

Notice there are a lot of numbers in this poem. Try to get one per line

Hint 2

Math is not the way. Keep your mind focus and centered in the problem in front of you and you might be able to see the light to guide you.


Each line has a number.  Centering them all you can obtain this














100000000000000000  This a candle in ASCII art.


The music in Last Moment of Truth .

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