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Posted on 26 March 2015


My great grandmother told me a story when I was very young. She said if this story had ever been written down the tablets were long broken and the paper was long burnt. This is a story that only exists in the minds of our bloodline, passed down generation to generation and even skipping a few.

My people created many myths, a rich pantheon of gods and monsters that have been interpreted, stolen, perverted, and idolized through the centuries. But there was one figure lost to time. He was not of the earth, and he was not from the home of the gods. He was something - other. 

Our people encountered him in many lands as we voyaged across the seas. It's said he was charming and wise but if you displeased him, he was Death. He would close his eyes, and the stars in the sky would disappear. When he opened his eyes again, the light of a thousand stars shone and obliterated all within his gaze. 

My grandmother believed my people had a name for this man, this creature.  But, out of fear they rarely spoke it. His name was a whisper. And even the whisper is dead now. 

Extra Notes

  • In the timeline Stella refers to this as a " A message from a trusted Minoan"

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