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Posted 6th November 2014


Students, there is much of the Truth that I can reveal and share with you. But there are some mysteries that remain hidden, even to me.  One of the greatest of these mysteries is the reason behind the downfall of the Ancients of Mu.

WIth many of the other lines, an external element wormed its corruption into the heart of their civilization.  External enemies became internal enemies, and eventually the line became weakened to point where they could be conquered.   

It seems that it was different for the Mu.  Because even if they, like the others, became the victims of corruption and turned away from their Truth, that doesn’t explain the sheer magnitude of the devastation.

It was an apocalypse so large it obliterated an entire continent, sinking it beneath the Pacific Ocean, destroying it so thoroughly and remaking the environment so drastically that modern scientists don’t believe there’s any possible way a continent could ever have existed there.

Only a tiny remnant of them escaped the conflagration and made it to land safely, on a rocky coast that is today located in Japan. Through them, they spread the story of the Mu across the world and down through the millennia, until the story worked its way into every culture on Earth.

Perhaps their wise ancients discovered something too dangerous about the nature of reality? Perhaps they saw into the heart of the universe, and it filled them with despair.  Or perhaps their Truth led them into a confrontation with an enemy so great, it was able to wipe them from the face of the Earth.

A time before the Ancient Truth? Perhaps, but we can nonetheless detect the echoes of their Truth in the world around us. If we can only hear it through the lies.

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