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Posted 18th November 2014


Students, I have watched your growing devotion to the Ancient Truth with excitement and wonder. You are taking the seeds that I plant and are nurturing your own ideas, your own commitments, and you are uncovering the myriad ways that the Truth manifests in the world around you.

I want to take a second, however, to warn you. In a few cases, I am seeing comments and suggestions that incorporate fanciful and discredited information. I want to stress that this is only a minority. But it is happening, and it is something you need to stay vigilant against. Ask many questions, but accept few answers.

Here is an example of a line of thinking that is specious at best and dangerous at worst: there is a popular theory among certain occult and pseudohistorical communities that claim to know the “real reason” for the fall of the Harappans. I’m not going to bother linking to them, you can find them easily enough if you want to. In a nutshell, they believe there is overwhelming evidence to show that the Harappans were wiped out by nuclear weapons.

These theories make certain specific and spurious claims about the nature of the evidence. That archeological finds at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro show skeletons that seem to have been killed by a sudden cataclysm. Some are even said to be holding hands. They also claim that these sites are extremely radioactive, and have been shut down by the Pakistani government for safety reasons.

These “scientists” go on to point out that the Indus Valley Civilization was located in the area of present day Cholistan and Thar deserts – and claim that the cities of the Harappans were literally turned to dust by nuclear fire.

Students, you have heard me repeatedly debunk the claims of so-called “traditional” scientists and historians as blinded by their own prejudices and rhetoric. But succumbing to such blindness is a danger for anyone who tries to understand the Ancients. And sometimes, even the traditionalists can be correct. This is one such case - all of the claims that the Indus Valley suffered an ancient nuclear attack can be easily refuted.

Although there are Lines that suffered extinction-level cataclysms, there was no single apocalyptic incident that destroyed the Harappans. Their demise was slow and inexorable. The lessons for current Harappan students is clear - do not be distracted by the neat, simple answer. The Truth is complex and multifaceted. It resists the reductive and so should you.

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