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11 December, 2014


Following still water leads to 13 building blocks...
38.045261      -142.32615
-61.797875     -50.7533306
-52.1150806    -5.0492833
38.056937      -142.436392
37.840074      -144.893757
36.889918      -145.18012
-40.5249861    112.2481722
-14.1296444    -38.7265556
-37.7884167    111.5820583
-38.7614389    112.1118889
-46.8593389    113.9758139
-32.7012222    114.012525
-50.4171597    4.1569398

Note: At the end of the week, the text was changed to:

Beyond still water you’ll find 13 building blocks...

Hint 1


Hint 2

Some math will be needed to find some letters in the real world


The "Following still waters" clue brings the quote "Still waters run deep" to mind. This seems to imply finding the antipode coordinate on the opposite side of the earth Anitpode Map but that is not the case. Instead, for each point listed, find another point that is an equal distance from both the equator and from the prime meridian (Longitude zero) but in the opposite direction. This can be done by simply negating the coordinates. For the last line for example, convert Latitude -50.4171597 to 50.4171597 and Longitude 4.1569398 to -4.1569398.

View the resulting point on the map using the Satellite View. Zoom in to a level where there is a structure or foliage that resembles a letter of the alphabet. Construct the answer from those letters.

The answer is theleatherman -   


The audio file in 290148

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