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Posted on 20th of October


Again and again, we discover that the technology, advancements and ideas that we think of as the province of the “modern” world can all be found in antiquity.  

If you were to walk the streets of the great Bronze-age cities of Harappa or Mohenjodaro, you’d find a thriving and thoroughly urbanized culture, full of merchants, artisans, tradesmen and that most important profession of a trading empire:  Accountants.

And everywhere, you’d see language. A unique form of writing that today’s specialists are unable to decipher.

Of course they can’t, because they are not initiated in the Truth.  

However, for those of us who do follow the Truth, their language is clear. These were people far ahead of their time technologically, linguistically, and spiritually. They had a remarkably egalitarian culture, with no centralized ruling class and a belief system born from the love of nature and the love of each other.

Of course, 4,500 years ago, life was hard. Climate change, disease born of a newly concentrated lifestyle, violence - these were all factors in the Harappans lives. However, they weathered these difficulties and flourished. It wasn't until a new force arrived, a slow invasion by people with corrupted values and authoritarian principles, that Harappa was brought to its knees. 

The story of this glorious but doomed civilization is a great lesson for everyone, but for those us of seeking the Truth, we shall soon see how important it really is.