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Posted 5th November


The La Tène [French, la ten] were one of the major impediments to Roman domination of the world. They delighted in turning the forests of Europe into a quagmire that ensnared every legion that dared set foot in it.

From the Roman perspective, these Barbarians were bloodthirsty and insane, with a seemingly unending supply of people willing to sacrifice themselves, ready to throw their lives away without a second thought.

And so the Romans set about trying to find a way to destroy the La Tène, the way they corrupted so many others. They found their way by exploiting the La Tène’s reliance on their Druid shamans. For when a handful of priests hold sway over the lives of millions, perverting that small group away from the Truth will destroy an entire culture.

The Romans bribed La Tène priests to send their chieftains into carefully laid traps. But once the priests took direct control, their new Roman masters did not hesitate to stab them in the back at the first convenient moment.

Make sure you learn the lesson of the La Tène – know for whom you are willing to sacrifice yourself, and be sure they are worth it.

My students, I promise you that the Truth IS worth it.

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