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Posted 19 November 2014




This has been a trying time for me. You know that. They know that. They've been working hard to turn my world upside down. To try to shake the Truth from us, but...


Students, listen.

No matter what happens... no matter what, the central idea of the Ancient Truth is all that matters. Not the specific truth from each Line, as important as that is, but the simple, pure idea that what matters most is in here. Not out there, not within someone else, some other deity, or idol. But here. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve wanted to give up. There were times where I’ve felt so lost that I didn't know if I could go on. And then I realized that that is exactly what they want.

That’s what they’re counting on. I will not let them win. And neither will you. Even if everything they say about me is true... I draw my courage, honor, and joy from knowing that humanity is fundamentally good. All of us... even the most corrupt among us has a pure heart... deep down. But the heart is fragile, and its pure flame only candle-bright, and easily overpowered.

Students, we are the last flickering match in a rising wind of a storm. Ready to light the kindling that will save us all, and just as easily be snuffed out.

And along with it, hope.

Students, to be strong for your family, your friends, your Line and the Truth... You need only to put your faith where it matters: There. Find your flame, nurture it, give it fuel. Let it grow. And then join it with mine and with your fellow Students', and we will light a bonfire that all the world will see. And together, as it grows hotter and larger, we will weather the storm together. No... We will END the storm for good.

Are you ready? ... Of course you are.

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