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Posted on 3rd July 2015


Today's Challenge will test your electronic and abstract thinking skills:


Hint 1

There are 3 sections in this circuit . Each one has a diferent encoding system.

Hint 2

You will get giberish from each of the blocks. You will need all 3 to be ale to read a message in english.


This is a mix of formats on a breadboard.

The first line is a series of morse code, the second is resistor colors that are numbers which correspond to letters, and the third is semaphore.

All of these get you:

iaasmgabk = .. .- .- ... -- --. .- -... -.- nndaicry  = 14-14-4-1-9-3-18-25

ctirnhmj  =  

When you put it all together you get the following block of letters:

iaasmgabk nndaicry ctirnhmj

Which, when read down in rows, gets you:

“incant a disarming charm by jk”

The jk is referring to JK Rowling and incant a disarming charm refers to a specific spell from the Harry Potter series, which is: expelliarmus


The photo in Adjourned

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