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Posted on 27 March 2015


Circle Line, next stop...


Hint 1


Hint 2



Official Solution:

Step 1: From the hint (Circle), you make the leap that you need to ROT the lines (except one, which is strangely plaintext), which when solved, turn out to each have a different ROT number:


Step 2: This leaves a highlighted encoded column of text: qUdkpmrqTsU. For a clue as to what to do with it, you realize that the amount of each ROT in turn indexes to a specific alphabet letter:


This gives YOUTUBE COM, and explains why Ürümqi Metro had a ROT value of zero to create a space.

Step 3: You plug the highlighted letters qUdkpmrqTsU into a YouTube URL and then head over to:

Watching the video, the next stop (from the clue) is Dakota Station. The answer is DAKOTA (or DAKOTASTATION).


The phonecall in Pinstripe Call 0327

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