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Posted on 26 February 2015



Hint 1

The mathemathical formula is not maths at all. Try and divide it in 4 parts and work each part individually.

Hint 2

Location - English measure - a coding system + Radio


The formula [(37.713-122.386)-(5.08cm)-70+61+72+6B)]+[1400AM ∈ (41.41-75.66)] can be divided in 4 parts


These are geo coordenates for the 49er Stadium also known as Candlestick Park

(5.08cm) is actually 2 inches also known as Stick

70+61+72+6B is hex for the word PARK

[1400AM ∈ (41.41-75.66)] has both the coordenates to Scranton and a radio frequency. This is a hint to the word WICK

Doing the formula we end up with the word candle wick


The news article in Japan Herald

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