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Posted on 15 May 2015


Today’s challenge will test your skills of international collaboration and case studies.

Hint 1

Use the two pictures as a single link. It leads to different places, depending on what country you are in.

Hint 2

There are 8 parts. The first part is a clue for what to do with the rest, after you put them together. Remember the "case studies" clue.


The pictures are of smoke and a signal. leads to a page with the text "King of..." and another link that says "n of 8".  The link leads to one of eight different Ancient Societies pages, depending on what country you are in.  The destination of each of the "n of 8" links provides one part of the solution.

n of 8 link Country Anc. Soc. Page n of 8 Link Solution
1 of 8 Other u2XCP7AgGn YouTube home page (video id)
2 of 8 U.S. 2itkGjLkB6 Lowercase Letter 'v' v
3 of 8 Japan BKb3Ba7tdU Q from Star Trek Q
4 of 8 Germany W6zR8AmAUQ lowercase-letter-h h
5 of 8 Italy XYb2pbL9aw qik_logo qik
6 of 8 Brazil Jjxpstn73A W Hotels W
7 of 8 Spain eR2iXXLM8C n: The Lonely n Song n
8 of 8 U.K. vXDMQqhZ82 What is a QCU? QCU

The first line gives us the clue that it's a YouTube video ID. Assembling the rest of the parts in the last column results in this video ID: vQhqikWnQCU  The subject of the video is Franzl Lang, who is the "King of Yodelling". The solution is



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