The Leaderboard is a way of rewarding players of Endgame: Ancient Truth. It has had several incarnations and bugs tend to be common, normally resulting in players complaining about it.

Right now it seems the only way of scoring is by solving Challenges. The score depends on the amount of people that solved it already, thus giving higher scores to the first solvers.

  • 1-20: 200 points
  • 21-70: 100 points
  • 71-250: 50 points
  • 251+: 10 points

Puzzles released before May 12th were scored in the following way

  • 1st-12th = 100 Points 
  • 13th-36th = 50 Points 
  • 37th and thereafter = 10 Points

It has been promised that the first 1000 players in the leaderboard will get a beta invite and a Stella medal. This is diferent from what was announced back in First AncSoc Measurement in 30th of March were it was an invite for the first 500 and a medal for the first 200. This measurement never occurred.

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