Pas Invite01:13

Pas Invite

The event

March 28th Live Stream from Pasadena00:00

March 28th Live Stream from Pasadena

During the event Stella revealed a bit more of Proving Ground. She also introduced Robyn Sanning and Pinstripe to the audience present in the room. He was cuffed as the 3 left the stage.

March 28th Live Stream from Pasadena extract07:02

March 28th Live Stream from Pasadena extract


Stella badge

For this event an Endgame badge was announced. This was given both in Pasadena and In Hannover for Ingress players.


Stella's Hannover Invitation00:44

Stella's Hannover Invitation

The Challenge

Hannover challenge
Hannover solved

The players in Hannover were given a challenge to solve that would give them both a Stella badge and an invite to Endgame

The solve was to do a circle with letters around the lines given with A at the top (noon). this would give the word saboteur.

Players could then submit this answer for a badge and a place in the beta list.

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