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Posted on 22 June 2015


Alternate meaning...


Hint 1

One of the equations is underlined

Hint 2

Try and get groups of letters. These will be acronymous for something.


First, you notice one math problem that stands out from the rest, and is in fact underlined. Then, from the clue, you posit that the use of spaces between some numbers and not others, along with the parenthesis, denote that perhaps this is not all math. Maybe the minus sign is actually a dash, and the plus sign isn’t indicating numeric math.

Indexing alphabet letters to the numbers gives ov+srb+et =

Researching the commonality of these groups of letters reveals that they are all abbreviations for the three parts of the space shuttle (Orbiter Vehicle, Solid Rocket Boosters, External Tank), so SPACE SHUTTLE is your answer.


The Artifact in Olmec Health Pendant

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