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Posted on 27 March 2015


I know there are a lot of new Students reading this. I couldn’t be happier you’re here. I’m sure you’ve noticed there are a lot of puzzles on the site.

The reason for this is simple: training.

You can lift weights. You can learn martial arts. You can take a rusty old revolver out to the woods and learn to bullseye a soup can off a tree stump from 100 yards.

But the best possible weapon you can develop is your mind.

The goal of this site is to share the Truth of our Ancient Lines. But again and again I’ve learned that the Truth can be manipulated and obscured in endless ways.

The puzzles on my site will train you to see the logic, the pattern, the truth hidden in the everyday.

They will train you to question, analyze, and ultimately savor the thrill of discovery. So, dig in, Students. Sharpen those minds.

However, as I have said many times, solving these Challenges is only one small way of serving the Truth and earning recognition. Creating art/posts/puzzles, sharing the Truth, recruiting friends, and participating in the world through activism are some other important ways that will be formally included on the leaderboard soon (and don’t worry, nothing that has been done so far will be forgotten.)

But I want to be sure I’m including as many people participating in our cause as possible. What other ways have you been serving the Truth? What are some things you feel are important to be recognized? Suggestion box is open!


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