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Posted on 18 March 2015



Hint 1

There is something common on those 5 coordinates

Hint 2

Searching in wikipedia might help more than using google maps for example


Official Solution:

The following coordinates appear in the photo:

  • 36°09′51″N 51°55′23″E
  • 34°42′33″N 95°39′41″W
  • 25°21′23″N 60°50′52″E
  • 50°58′49″N 02°44′54″E
  • 44°21′N 9°24′E

After a fair amount of research, it's discovered that each coordinate's location is a small town or village, each with a 2-letter name:

  • 36°09′51″N 51°55′23″E = Il, Iran
  • 34°42′33″N 95°39′41″W = Ti, Oklahoma
  • 25°21′23″N 60°50′52″E = Gu, Iran
  • 50°58′49″N 02°44′54″E = Lo, Belgium
  • 44°21′N 9°24′E = Ne, Italy

This gives 5 sets of 2 letters: IL TI GU LO NE

Putting these together in the right order spells the answer: GUILLOTINE

Extra notes

The bar showned in the image is the Heart Bar in Las Vegas

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