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Posted on 11 March 2015


There is so much on the horizon for us, Students. We cannot become complacent. Distant though our final trials may be, changes are coming on the home front. Together we have culled a wide array of formative concepts, stretching in all directions. From discussions on how the 12 Ancient Lines can inform our lives, to the honing of our skills in the creation and solution of Challenge puzzles. We’re about to take the first step toward structuring those ideas into controlled action.

I’ve promised changes. Those changes are imminent.

I have thought long and hard about the forthcoming phase of, and while it may seem jarring at first, I trust the intended benefits will be immediately apparent. These enhancements are intended not only to bolster our established community, but also help those who have not yet sought the Truth to join us on our journey.

Though we have been bound together against an outside threat, until the day comes when we can face it head on - and that day is coming - we must be vigilant in our internal training. As in our daily Challenges, we will seek to strengthen our collaboration within the 12 Ancient Lines through constructive competition.

More than the recognition of your fellow students, you will be earning a concrete placement in our crusade for the Truth. A rank that reflects your own personal progress. Not to inspire rivalry, but to keep ourselves focused.

These changes will help us to do that. I believe they will help make us stronger, both individually and as a group. Give us a place to chart our growth.

I can’t wait to show you the full scope of everything we’ve been building. This is only the beginning.

Students, let us keep pace. Our time is coming.

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