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Posted on 16 June 2015


Today's Challenge will test your directional skills:


Hint 1

That purple thing in the middle of the circle with the compass headings is a boat. You're the Navigator for this challenge. Navigate that boat.

Hint 2

What place is that area of land? The Fiumicino airport there is probably the best clue.

Hint 3

Despite the order of the comments on the map, do the conversion for that region before the mathematical calculations.


  1. Charts-navigation
    Notice the numbers on the chart for ocean depths and the five lines with compass directions in degrees. Based on the numbers on the compass circle, navigate the boat 40° from its starting location and stop when you hit the number 1000. From there, navigate 90° and you'll hit the 100. Continue like that, going 80° to reach a 5, 130° to hit another 5 and finally 180° to get to the 10.
  2. Based on the location being Rome, convert the numbers to Roman Numerals before doing the mathematical calculations indicated. (In other words, in the second line for example, taking 100 - 2 = 98 and converting to XCVIII does not work.) You get:
M + 1 = N
C - 2 = A
V     = V
V     = V
X + 1 = Y

The solution is  which is military slang for a Navigator.



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