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Posted on 28th October 2014


m h d w m y

s t w t f s

j f m a m j j a o n d

m v m j s u n p

l d k p o f g s

a p f p b

g x u v i t m 

Hint 1

There is a reason why these letters are grouped like this. But in each group there is something missing

Hint 2







Physics that involve words with X


Each line is a group of something where one element is missing (Check hint 2 above for more details). The words missing are :

m h d w m y - Second

s t w t f s -   Monday

j f m a m j j a o n d  - September

m v m j s u n p  - Earth

l d k p o f g s - class

a p f p b - archaea or animal

g x u v i t m - Radar or Radio

Getting all the first letters you get SMSECAR. This is an anagram for Screams. takes you to Medical Examiner.

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