General Info


Location - Naha, Japan

Occupation - 

Sex -  Female

Date of Birth - 

Age at the Calling -  17.89 years

Bloodline - Mu ( 2nd Line )

A.K.A - 

Hobbies - 

Online - Twitter  / Google+ / Website

Extra details

Ps 2014 08 12 01 38 40
Chiyoko back

Mute. Honorable. Disciplined.Excels at disguise, infitration and stealth. Doesn't hesitate to kill, but does honor agreements with people who have helped her or spared her life.



Profile images

  • Both G+ and Twitter seem to have the same image.
  • The Cover image in G+ is one of the default ones. It's the same image is used by Maccabee Adlai


Below is the timeline not by time of posting but in the supose time the event happened