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General Info

 - Omaha , NE

Occupation - 

Sex -  Male

Date of Birth - 

Bloodline -  The Nebraskan ( ? Line )

A.K.A - 

Hobbies - 

Staus - dead 

Online - Twitter / Google+ / Website


Not a Player, but in love with one. Tall, handsome, rich and an all state quarterback from Sarah's hometown. Doesn't like learning about this crazy thing called Endgame, or letting Sarah go to play all alone. After she leaves, he decides to follow and help her, even thought she strickly forbade him.

Sarah shoots him with a gun straight through his, and An Liu's head killing him instantly. An Liu's bomb completely destroys Christopher's body after that, leading Sarah to an imminent depression.

Extra details


Profile image

Both G+ and Twitter seem to have the same image as a base. But the g+ one has the word Huskers on it.


Twitter                                                                                                                                                                                                 Google +

G+ Banner

© Brian Matiash Fingerlings BrianMatiash

It is one of the default cover images of G+


Below is the timeline not by time of posting but in the supose time the event happened

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