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Posted on 4th February 2015



Hint 1

You will have to move the blue parts around

Hint 2

The end result will give you several letters that you can read in the negative space


Thanks to Adam Zachary for doing this image

Cinderblock solved

In the negative spaces you can see the word Trinity leads to John Threadgill



Elgin detective John Threadgill charged with corruption. Central Texas news, November 20, 2000. A federal grand jury has indicted John Threadgill, an Elgin police detective widely seen as the front-runner to replace retiring chief of police Brickner, on twelve counts of bribery, conspiracy, and corruption. Chief Brickner said in a statement, "John has been an extraordinary asset to our department and the community. We have full faith in him and are confident that he will be completely exonerated in the fullness of time." Detective Threadgill was not available for comment.

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