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Posted on 10th of October 2014


Sometimes it's not what you see...BOOM.



Hint 1

Stella mentions that is not what you see. Maybe she is hinting at sound ?

Hint 2

There is a mention to BOOM. Maybe thinking of music and things that go boom can assit you here.


There are still some doubts on how the image is supose to help you reach the solve. One possibility is the columns line up with the rhythm of the 1812 Overture . Other is that the symbols look like a cannon, that associated with the BOOM and the -12 will lead you to the same music piece. The link we are looking for is

One player has given this solve path

The 1812 overture is a piece of music featuring cannons being fired as part of the music, hence the Boom reference. The symbols represent the 12 semitone intervals of the western musical scale, starting at the bottom of the list as written on the '12 Ancient Lnes' page, so for example if you take Sumerian as C, Shang will be C sharp, Olmec D, etc. So the symbols in the challenge give the sequence of notes g-c-d-e-d-c-d-e-c-c which is the melody of one of the main themes from the 1812 overture. The -12 indicates that the first note (g) is an octave below it's 'written' pitch ( to fit the tune). The empty circle at the beginning indicates a rest in the music ( to give the correct accents to the rhythm). The vertically doubled symbols at the end indicate notes of double and quadruple value ( 2 crotchets and a minim ) again to make the rhythm correct.


The news clipping in 07192001