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Posted on 21 November 2014


This Challenge is 99% math-free!


Hint 1

Like mentioned by Stella this challenge has no math. Try and read what is written.

Hint 2

Notice the puzzle has 3 parts each of them representing a word or letters. Also remember it is a hoax you are looking for. So even solving part of this puzzle you may be able to find the solution.


The puzzle is a rebus the translation is as follows

X+((Blackhearths)||(Rivers), 2(alphabet - all letters except Z), Lambert W function

Blackhearths and Rivers have in common one name that is Joan. 

So simplifing it all you get xJoan, zz , w

Following the instructions for the order you get zzxjoanw which is yet another hoax


The audio in Silly Little Worms

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