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Posted on 11th of October 2014


Some people find my games hard to resist...



Hint 1

Stella mentions the word resist . And does something look diferent in the icons ?

Hint 2

The icons seem to have diferent tones from normal. And if you already reached that conclusion and are getting a weird number the silver in the 6th row should be gold


Each row is supose to be a band resistor . Using the altered colours in the center of the icons we get the following (replacing the 6th row silver for gold, not sure if it is a typo from the puzzle creator).

Colours  Total (Ohms)

Brown Red       Blue         12000000

Violet Blue       Orange     76000

Yellow Green    Orange     45000

Brown Orange   Brown         130

Violet Grey        Black                   78

Orange Black       Gold                     3

White Grey Silver             0.98

Red         Silver             0.02

Using the total of 12121212ohms we get the link


The images in Screenshot