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Posted on 18th of October 2014


Exactly who were the Donghu?  The accepted history has tantalizing hints and clues. but not much in the way of specifics. They’re referred to as “Proto-Mongolic” and most of what you’ll find in the easily accessible texts starts with the discussion of them being conquered.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find some unique attributes of the Donghu. For one, they invented a form of nomadic horseback combat, a swarming tactic that used overwhelming force from every direction to surround and vanquish their enemies.  

And the Donghu are one of the earliest known examples of a Federation - a formal alliance and integration between many different small tribes.  Someone, or something, spurred a wide range of different groups to unite, to cooperate and form tight bonds with each other.  

The power of this cooperation turned the Donghu from a loose affiliation of tribes into the most feared warriors of Northern Asia. They began a political and martial culture that evolved into one of the most powerful empires in known history.

Among other things, the Donghu can teach us value of submission, of the power to be gained by being one piece of a larger unit, acting in concert, acting as a whole. 

Students, there will be times you will be asked to submit yourself to the Truth. But I promise you that each of us, individually, will be stronger when we stand together.