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Posted on 6 May 2015


Students, thanks to your thoughtful comments , I’ve been doing some soul searching.

It’s hard to see ourselves from the outside. It’s rare that you encounter a person who is like a mirror version of yourself. But I feel like that is happening to me now.

When I think about Angela Sanning , it’s like staring at myself in a cracked mirror.

And we all know who cracked the mirror. The man I once considered my “father.” Wayland. Pramik. Whatever the hell his real name is.

Students, I’ll admit it: I felt better for judging Angela so harshly. I was so desperate to keep the crazies away I never stopped to ask what she went through to get that way. Angela has been manipulated, lied to, tested, just like I have. I don’t want to say she fell into a deep dark pit. She was pushed. Now, I’m watching her fight to climb out.

I don’t see a dangerous, difficult crazy person any more. I see a fighter. I see someone trying to take their life back. I know what that feels like.

Maybe when Angela looks at me, the mirror is cracked on her side, too.

I want to learn from Angela. Not just facts. Not just dates and names. Nori might be training me how to fight, but I think Angela can train me to survive.

What about you, Students? Where should I begin with Angela? What should I ask her?

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