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Posted on 18 May 2015



Students, if you're going to be in or around Washington DC on the 29th:

ETA: Looks like we've hit capacity, but feel free to add your name to the waitlist...

Clicking on it will lead you to the event page -->

Extra Notes

Smores feast

Lots of information was obtained via the participants about the future of the Endgame Universe (apparently while preparing s'mores like seen above). This list tries to collect it all


  • Jake full album was given to all the present in the form of a thumbnail drive , thus revealing 4 new music tracks.
  • Participants also received a deck of Wayland playing cards with one of the cards having a code
  • Some major things will be released in the story before the second book is out to avoid spoilers in the book .
  • There will be a major change in terms of look for the blog website and the leaderboard.


  • The game app seems to be delayed due to tech problems and an desire to make the game more interesting. The announced date of release in June seems very unlikely now.
  • There are instructions to not announce anymore release dates.
  • There will be battle/events where players will fight for key locations. The result of it will affect the story.
  • During these battles each line will be allied with 2 other lines. This alliance last only during this battle and betrayals are allowed.


  • The second main book while come out before the movie is released.
  • Stella will show up in book 2 and 3
  • There will be novellas about Greg Jordan

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