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Posted on 15 December 2014


For the Cahokians, community was the center of life. They took a fierce pride in their people, their achievements and the things that they built. For a Cahokian, no problem was ever completely insurmountable. No matter the challenge, whatever the difficulty, even the darkest prospects were faced with the same implacable drive to survive and thrive. They did not believe in hopelessness. And they would do anything in their power to save their city.


On and around the lands where they once lived, now you’ll find dozens of cities - some big, some small, collectively known as the Rust Belt. While all of the cities are larger than any metropolis that the Cahokians built, that may not be the case for much longer. These cities are all shrinking at an alarming rate - none so much as Detroit, Michigan.

Once the world’s center of automobile manufacturing, Detroit is crumbling as its infrastructure rusts away and nothing comes to take its place. So many people have fled the city in the past several years that soon it may become smaller that Cahokia.

But Detroiters are a proud and resourceful people, doing everything they can to preserve the life of their great city. Imagine yourself a Cahokian sent to help them. How would you advise them to recover Detroit's former greatness? What drastic actions would you suggest to help recover the sense of community and interconnectedness that is the hallmark of Cahokian Truth?

Tell me in the comments. This question is open to all students, not just Cahokians. Remember to keep the conversation civil and respectful – there is no place for corruption here.

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