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Posted on 17 December 2014


While the Koori line held dominion over the entire continent of Australia, as we’ve discussed before they were not a monolithic group. The name Koori covers a gigantic group of wildly different nations, ethnicities, sub-groups, and cultures. The hallmark of the Koori were there fierce independence and free-spirits. Power and control among the Koori were a prototypical example of devolution, where primary governance was held by the small unit of village or tribe.

This devolution did not prevent the Koori from making larger political and social alliances and arrangement - these were handled through negotiation and representation deliberation. With no central government or ruling authority, the millions of different Koori ways of living were left free to flourish.  

And while the traditional Western view would cast the Koori as “primitive,” those very same cultures who would use that designations are today showing an impulse to return to a way of living that is more in line with that Koori ideal.

There’s been a trend over recent years towards independence movements and larger political entities breaking apart into smaller ones. Many times, these divisions are made over ethnic or religious lines. Referendums on independence in Quebec and Scotland failed, but other attempts to dissolve larger states are on the horizon - be it through the electoral process, such as an upcoming referendum on Catalan independence from Spain and debates on the UK withdrawing from the European Union, or the several armed insurrections in former Soviet republics.

From the perspective of a Koori, a fiercely independent and free-spirited people, it might seem that this move towards devolution is a positive development. And yet, many of these movement are driven not by an insularity and close-mindedness that is antithetical to Koori Truth.

And even though European powers were largely responsible for the Koori genocide, let’s for a moment imagine an ironic inversion:  As a representative of the Koori, how would you advise European separatist movements to achieve their goals?  How would you use Koori Truth to guide them towards a path of independence and self-reliance, without falling prey to bigotry and insularity?

Tell me in the comments. This question is open to all students, not just Koori. As ever, keep the conversation civil – there is no place for corruption here.

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