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Posted on 5 December 2014


The waters off the east coast of Africa have become some of the most dangerous places for ocean going vessels in the world. Pirates based out of Somalia and Ethiopia patrol the area, and regularly seize ships and cargo. To some, these pirates are considered the epitome of evil and a scourge that must be eradicated.

But the reality of the situation is much more complex and murky. These pirates, while certainly committing criminal acts, are also considered by some to be the vanguard of a new kind of economy – a reaction from the oppressed and destitute against a system of commerce that exploits their people. These pirates would point to the fact that their raids are carried out not for individual gain or enrichment, but for the benefit of their families back home, who have no other means of support.

It just so happens that the families these pirates are supporting are based in the lands that once belonged to the Aksumites. And the Aksumites understood the complexities of trade, along with the value of not making hasty evaluations of those who stood in their way.

Imagine yourself an Aksumite General, charged with the security of your trading ships in the Gulf of Aden. How would you deal with these pirates, in keeping with the Truth of your Aksumite bloodline?

Tell me in the comments. This question is open to all students, not just Aksumites. Remember, keep the conversation civil – there is no place for corruption here.

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