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Posted on 24 January 2015


Reflect on that which you know to address this builder’s bunk.

Hint 1

Count all the circles and digits.

Hint 2

Reflect and address are imporant parts of the clue.


From Adam Zachary's comment, the symbols in the picture are:


Counting the number of circles and digits in each line, you get 14, 23, 26, 34 and 40.  Except for the second line, this is double the number of letters in the solutions for the weekday puzzles, not counting spaces. The clue to "reflect" suggests reversing those solutions and arranging them like a reflection from the middle of the symbols toward both sides:

                          ◯◯◯ ◯◯◯ ◯◯ 4◯◯ ◯◯◯
                          e v a c t a b b a t c a v e
                    ◯13◯ ◯◯ ◯◯5◯◯◯◯◯ 3◯◯ ◯14◯ ◯◯
                    e s u o h t e r e k k e r e t h o u s e
              ◯◯◯ ◯7 ◯◯ 1 ◯◯◯ ◯◯◯ ◯◯◯ ◯◯◯ 9 ◯◯ ◯◯◯
              e s u o h n i g a y t u s s u t y a g i n h o u s e
      ◯◯◯ ◯◯ ◯◯◯ ◯◯ ◯◯◯ ◯◯ ◯◯◯ ◯◯ ◯11 ◯◯ ◯◯ 12 ◯◯ ◯◯◯
      t n e m t r a p a l l e b p m a c c a m p b e l l a p a r t m e n t
◯◯◯ ◯◯ 8◯◯◯ 15 ◯ ◯◯ ◯◯ 6 ◯◯◯ ◯◯◯ 10◯ 2◯ ◯◯ ◯◯ ◯◯ ◯◯ ◯◯ ◯◯
g g o l l e k s g n a b k c i r d n e k k e n d r i c k b a n g s k e l l o g g

Selecting the letters based on the numbers from 1 through 15 gives us the name Girard Henderson, who built an underground bunker home in Las Vegas. The "address this builder’s bunk" part of the clue leads us to look up the address of the bunker which was 3970 Spencer Street. The solution is .


Terra Cotta

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