Posted on 10th of November 2014

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Donghu Courage and Cooperation02:53

Donghu Courage and Cooperation


Before the Mongols, there were the Donghu

Now, they were referred to in school as proto-Mongolic, but this kinda makes them sound like a minor league club just waiting to get called up to the majors. This could not be further from the truth. The Donghu were all-stars long before the Khans came into power. These paladins of the steppe were not only unequalled in their courage, they were fantastically innovative, inventing combat tactics that would be emblematic of the Mongolian warriors that followed.

They were also one of the first to employ the concept of a federation, pulling together many small tribes to form a more tight-knit supergroup, and this is where the Donghu's Truth comes into play. Their individual wizardry as horseback juggernauts would have been meaningless without their devotion to the spirit of cooperation. Cooperation is what drove them. It's what sustained them, what made them fair and fearsome. Instead of the corrupted individualistic chaos we see today, the Donghu put the common good before all else. But... their greatest strength was also their undoing. How were the Xiongnu able to conquer such a cohesive group of hyper- courageous battlemasters? Well... When one Donghu fell the rest were soon to follow. These are the perils of such a wholly integrated system.

The truth of the Donghu story can relate to all of us, students. We can do great things if we stand undivided in the face of aggressive opposition. But one weak link in the chain can be catastrophic, so we must be vigilant, unified. We must work together to protect the Truth. Only then will we see its wisdom rise from the ashes.

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