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Posted on 29 April 2015



Hint 1

The title itself shows you the path you need to take

Hint 2



From the clue of a spiral staircase winding down counterclockwise (along with the title), you determine that this might be a route puzzle in the shape of a spiral. Since there are 13 sets of 5 letters, you determine that they’ll need to fit into a 5x13 grid. You begin filling in the letters from the top left in a counter-clockwise downward spiral (as is the staircase in the photo):

This then reveals a message when read left to right:

"The captain of the football team of the country of the creator of the loxodrome."

Researching this gives you:

  • Creator of the loxodrome: Pedro Nunes
  • Pedro Nunes’ nationality: Portuguese
  • Captain of Portugal’s National Football Team (Seleção Portuguesa de Futebol): Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo


The message in Rima

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