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Posted 16th November 2014


Usually the path is just as important as the destination.

A dead man’s hand with garlic is a sad shape.

I’m basing this on the idea that it was a scared stab at Vlad.

Hint 1

Remember last puzzle of the week so you are gonna need the other 5 solves. In this case Stella mentions the path being more important than the destination.

Hint 2

Take a good look at the text and at what you got. There will be some diferences maybe they can help you. 

Note add an R to all you find


In the text there are some similar words to solutions of this week

Path #1:

  • dead man’s hand 
  • garlic  - gaelic
  • shape - snake 
  • basing - boeing 
  • scared - smores

Checking the new letters you can obtain rascadhp. Via this path, you need another "r".

Path #2:

  • dead man’s hand 
  • garlic - gaelic - r
  • shape - smores - hap 
  • basing - boeing - as 
  • scared - snake - crd

The new letters here are "rhapascrd".


Anagram it to cardsharp.  leads to the video Paranoia

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