Email Replies 10 13 14

Email Replies 10 13 14

So grateful for all your emails. Decided to answer some of them. This one has some pretty important info as well.

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Hello everybody. Wow, what a week. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all learned a lot already, but, I assure you, this is only the beginning. You guys, already, are inspiring me to be a better leader, a better teacher, and a better listener.  Your emails are amazing and so thoughtful. I promise you that I read all of them. Um, I might not have all the time in the world to respond to all of them, but, I do want to share some of them with you guys, from time to time.  The one I wanted to share with you today is from Claire. Claire says, “I fear that I will not be able to assist you very well along this journey to the truth. I feel that my skill at deciphering the clues will fail you. Even now I stumble, and the journey has only just begun.” (sigh) Oh Claire, don’t worry, please. Learning the truth is not about solving puzzles. Being a part of our mission doesn’t require that you decipher clues. The truth (Truth) is about using the wisdom of our ancestors to help decipher ourselves. And my challenges are just a small tool in that process; so please don’t be discouraged.

Now, I wanted to let you guys know that in the coming weeks there will be many changes; some very exciting changes. And many more ways to serve the truth (Truth). For example, we will continue to learn about the 12 Ancient Lines, but these teachings will often take the form of, a conversation. So, more on that later. First, I want to talk about how we are going to work together to help build our message and spread it throughout the world, and for this I will need all of your help. If we are to make real change, we must bring the truth (Truth) to the people outside of our community, to the Children. And we must bring the Children to us. So, starting today, I am asking you to spread the word; to help find those Children who are open to a better way. Teach them and bring them here. Show me what you’ve done; show me your creativity. Show me that you’re loyal and your efforts will be recognized. Thank you so much again, I really look forward to speaking to you again.