This is not a character in the sense of the word as we will probably not see it in the story interacting with others. It's function seems to be to act as the official account of the ARG for Endgame - Ancient Truth

Extra Notes

  • They post in their twitter account a few minutes before the challenge comes up at what time it will be released.
  • On the 14th of July of 2015 they started to use this as a countdown for the 31st of July. Each day the release time would be one digit lower starting at 15



So far only one video was uploaded in this account

Endgame Ancient Truth - Teaser00:51

Endgame Ancient Truth - Teaser

The description of the video says the following

Twelve Ancient Lines battle for the future of humanity. And YOU will play a key role in deciding the outcome.

  • There is no speech in the video only music playing.
  • There is a man that places his hand over Stella's mouth and leaves a red hand print in her face
  • This man has the ancient societies logo tattooed in his wrist.
  • One possibility is this man is Stella's father , Wayland Vyctory
  • Steve Peters could be involved in the production of this video

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