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Posted on 16 December 2014


Below the Dwarf, beneath the Pontiff.

5.2 7.4 10.8 15.6 25.2 26.5 52.4 58.2 61.2 89.4

Hint 1

Look for a "Dwarf" in the picture

Hint 2

If you are in the right place right at the begining you will find a "pontiff". Beneath him will be an area where you can use the number pairs to obtain some letters


In the pile of Waverley Novels there is "The Black Dwarf". Below it you will find the The Fortunes of Nigel

Right at the begining there is a quote from the Pope (the pontiff)

Beneath it there is the following paragraph

"Having, in the tale of the Heart of Mid-Lothian, succeeded in some degree in awakening an interest in behalf of one devoid of those accomplishments which belong to a heroine almost by right, I was next tempted to choose a hero upon the same unpromising plan; and as worth of character, goodness of heart, and rectitude of principle, were necessary to one who laid no claim to high birth, romantic sensibility, or any of the usual accomplishments of those who strut through the pages of this sort of composition, I made free with the name of a person who has left the most magnificent proofs of his benevolence and charity that the capital of Scotland has to display."

Using the numbers above count the words correposnding to the first number in each pair, and then the letter in that word using the second number.

This gives frenchdrop. leads to Wrong


Everything they're teachin you about history is WRONG!! Thursday, October 15 4PM North Table at the quad Be ready to hear THE TRUTH!!

Extra note

This seems to be related to the document obtained via Agitated, since the location quad matches and also 1992 was a year where 15 of October was a Thursday

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