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Posted on 18 March 2015


From a trusted Koori. What do you think it means?


I have never had a dream like this. I mean I had vivid dreams before. Life like dreams, where you're convinced that dream reality is true. That you never graduated from college or you are being chased by something horrific but you just can't run.

This...This was like walking through a mist. Each step I took was confident. I had agency. I had power. And with each step I took I drove the mist away. I saw faces. I heard voices. They weren't memories. They weren't my self conscious trying to process my day. They were real. Real living people. I knew them, even though I know never met them. But every time I tried to step closer to one of them , there were screams. There were flashes of blades and blood. There was death no matter what direction I turned.

And the worst part was...I don't think I was walking through my people's past. I... I think I was walking through their future.

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