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Posted 9th of October 2014


I’ll be honest - I wasn't sure how many people would be interested in solving my little challenges this week. But you guys are pretty good at this stuff... especially in the video challenge that you solved without even calling on your ability to see what's in plain sight . I guess I’ll have to raise my game a little bit.  

And so will you. :)

The reason we learn about these cultures is because they were on the vanguard of civilization and enlightenment. Many of the things they have understood have been lost to us in time. In many ways, other civilizations used them as their building blocks.


Note: There may be spoilers in the comments below...


Hint 1

Stella mentions building blocks. How could this be related to the numbers ?

Hint 2

There is one possibility that relates those numbers to  "elementary" building blocks of the universe, as long as you split them in the right way.


The building blocks we are looking for are the elements the Periodic table. Diving the string into 75 23 8 71 22 8 7 18 53 99 and then replacing the numbers with the elements letters you get Re V O Lu Ti O N Ar I Es (re v  o lu ti o n ar i  es). This leads to the link


The image Airport-Scan