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Posted on 04 March 2015



Hint 1

The map is a map of exactly what it looks like. Try and find the original one you will need it

Hint 2

If you already have a original map look closely . Is there anything missing in the version in the challenge ?


The map is from theAmsterdam metro network


There are 10 stations missing in the puzzle version of the map , when comparing with the original version.

Inaristraat / Derkinderenstraat / Corantijnstraat / Emmastraat / Albert cuypstraat / Nassaukade / Scheldestraat / Europaplein / Apollolaan / Prinsengracht / Nic Lublinkstraat / Ruysdaelkade

Using their first letters we get idceanseapnr this is an anagram for Diana Spencer. leads to Mu Problems



Conspiracies, Cults and Cover-Ups

Top 5 Out-Of-Nowhere Cults

2. Mu Money, Mu Problems

If a cult commits mass suicide and nobody notices, did it really happen? In Kyoto ten years ago, we found out the answer: yes and no. Yes it did, but according to the official records, no it didn't.

It looked like the classic cult mass suicide - eighteen bodies, identically dressed, combination of poison and throat-slitting. However, the bodies weren't found for almost a month, and in all that time, not one of the people was reported missing. In fact, none of the bodies were ever identified. People who didn't exist in a cult that no one had ever heard of suddenly committed suicide for no reason anyone could name. Yeah, that sounds plausible.

Here's what we know. The cult was at first referred to as the Mu cult, though that may have just been the cops' name for it. In the first week after the bodies were discovered a full investigation was underway, led by a Det. Saito. He revealed that one of the cult members was presumed to have escaped, after bloody footprints were found that seemed to lead out of a skylight. he also suggested in the press that there may have been a mass murder, not a mass suicide, since there was evidence of several people entering and exiting who were not present.

Then a week later, the investigations just stopped. The police declared it a mass suicide, and Saito was relocated to a tiny island of Hokkaido and then vanished. All of the official records are gone, thrown away as part of a "routine paperwork turnover." *cough cough cover-up*

So what actually happened? And where is the missing cult member? No one knows. And we're the only ones who care.''

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